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Pediatric urology

Pediatric urology is one of our specialties. Urologists, pediatric surgeons, pediatricians, pediatric nephrologists and pediatric radiologists engage in interdisciplinary work in this area.

Pediatric urology comprises all congenital or acquired diseases of the kidneys, bladder and external genitalia, including renal pelvis dilatation, double kidneys, and renal dysfunction as well as incontinence, enuresis and urinary tract infections.

We also diagnose and surgically treat neurogenic bladder problems in complex malformations such as spina bifida (cleft spine) and bladder exstrophy.

Together with the Altona Children’s Hospital and the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery, we are well on our way to becoming north Germany’s largest children’s urological clinic.

Please direct your treatment request to the UKE International Office.

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