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Reconstructive Surgery

  • Plastic surgical reconstruction of various form and function in case of skin-/ soft tissue and/ or bone defects
  • Different reconstruction procedures based on regional skin plastic, free tissue-transfer, inclusive complex microsurgical transplantation procedures (free flap surgery)
  • Treatment of chronic wounds as well as plastic reconstruction of resulting defects

Frequently treated defects:

  • following the resection of skin alterations (for example: basalioma, carcinoma, spinalioma, melanoma)
  • following the resection of benign and non-benign soft tissue tumors
    (for example sarkoma, neurofibroma, lipoma)
  • pressure sore / decubital gangrene / decubital ulcer
  • scar reduction in cases of painful and / or instable scars and scar contracture, as well in cases of  degradation of scars (for example burning scars, acid burn, base burn or damages of electricity)

Access is only allowed for visitors and accompanying persons properly wearing FFP2 masks and who show:
• No typical symptoms,
• No SARS-CoV-2 infection, AND
• A negative result from a current test (PCR no older than 48 hours, rapid antigen no older than 24 hours)
Please also pay attention to any further information and signage!

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