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Specialized Outpatient Clinic for Osteology and Musculoskeletal Diseases

Welcome to the specialized outpatient clinic for osteology!

Under the management of Professor Dr. Michael Amling you receive help in the prevention and acute treatment of osteoporosis, fatigue fractures, bone metabolism disorders as well as skeletal and muscle diseases in our certified specialized outpatient clinic.

We do not take an isolated view of the bone, but see the musculoskeletal system as a unit. Therefore, in your treatment, we collaborate with experts of various specialized groups from the university network. This assures you of the medical excellence of the University medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf (UKE), both in diagnostics as well as in the planning and execution of your personal therapy. Our treatment recommendations are based on the current guidelines of the Umbrella Association for Osteology [“Dachverband für Osteologie” (= DVO)].

In most cases, the degradation of bone mass through osteoporosis takes place unnoticed and can already start in middle adult age. In order recognize and stop this process early, we use state-of-the-art medical technology for analyzing the density, structure and metabolism of the bones. Besides the DEXA method, we utilize a procedure for the illustration of the micro-architecture of the bone, thus further enhancing diagnostic precision.

Based on these results, we prepare your personal risk profile and, together with you, we develop your individual therapy in the subsequent consultation.

With the goal of preserving your health in mind, we research the causes of these disorders. Our results are recognized all over the world and in some areas have achieved international leadership positions. Of course, the latest developments and insights are integrated into your treatment.

More than 30 physicians and scientists work at the Institute for Osteology and Biomechanics.

The following pages will provide you with additional information concerning some of our treatment priorities.

Please address your treatment request directly to the International Office of University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

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