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Aesthetic Surgery

  • Aesthetic operation procedures of the whole body (Including cosmetic surgery and wrinkles therapy)

frequent treatments:

  • blepharoplasty
  • brow lift
  • forehead lift
  • rhinoplasty
  • otoplasty
  • face lift
  • neck lift
  • chin plasty, mentoplasty
  • reduction and/ or lifting of the female breast
  • breastenlargement with breast implants
  • breast implant change following augmentation
  • breast reconstruktion following amputation
  • nipple and areola reconstruction
  • intim surgery (labial reduction)
  • abdominal reduction (tummy tuck)
  • upper arm reduction
  • thigh reduction
  • body lift
  • liposuction (lipo sculpturing)
  • reduction of the male breast (gynecomasty)
  • treatment of skin wrinkles (hyaluron / botox / fat transfer)
  • filler therapy
  • dermabrasio
  • surgical scar revision
  • surgical treatment of skin alterations
  • hyperhidrosis treatment (liposuction / botox)

Due to the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic our International Office is currently closed to the public until further notice.

You can continue to contact us via email patients@remove-this.uke.de or
call +49 40 7410 51690.

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