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Welcome to our Clinic of Cardiology!

The Clinic and Outpatient Clinic of Cardiology, led by Professor Dr. Stefan Blankenberg and Professor Dr. Paulus Kirchhof, treats patients suffering from all types of cardiovascular conditions. Along with its expertise in diagnosis and treatment of coronary conditions, our clinic specializes in the treatment of cardiac insufficiency, defective heart valves, and dilation of the aorta (aortic aneurysm) and the diagnosis and treatment of patients with congenital heart defects and congenital connective tissue diseases, particularly Marfan syndrome.

We are one of few clinics in Germany to perform mitral valve repairs using a heart catheter to treat heart valve leakage (mitral valve insufficiency). To date, the UHC has treated more patients using the so-called mitral clip procedure than any other clinic in the world.

Patients benefit from our consultation sessions for adults with congenital heart defects. An estimated 300,000 people with such heart defects live in Germany; of these, 85% reach adulthood. Additionally, we treat more than 100 patients annually in our consultation sessions devoted to Marfan syndrome and congenital aortic defects.

Our clinical research projects include mechanisms of residual stenosis, i.e. the re-narrowing of coronary vessels treated with stents, catheter-based treatment of heart valve defects, and new imaging methods for non-invasive representation of coronary vessels and the heart muscle.

Please direct your treatment request to the International Office of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

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