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Prosthetic Dentistry

Welcome to the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry !

Under the direction of Professor Dr. Guido Heydecke our Department of Prosthetic Dentistry , together with our partner departments, offers all state-of-the-art dental restoration and dental prostheses options. We treat approximately 3,700 patients annually.

As a special clinic for computer-aided prosthetic dentistry and implantology, we bring to the table dental technological and material scientific expertise. Our patients can benefit from all services under one roof and from the same source.

Prosthodontics – Replacement of dental substance

High quality dental prostheses provide a sense of security in any situation and are so natural looking that no one notices their difference from real teeth. Thanks to our broad spectrum of services, our specialists can implement the most suitable solution – fixed, removable, or implanted – for each patient.

We specialize in “invisible” dental prostheses, because your smile is important to us. Unflattering teeth, discoloration, visible fillings and irregular gum lines can be gently corrected and will soon be a thing of the past. 

  • Preimplantological bone and soft tissue management
  • Preprosthetic treatment
  • Prosthesis-oriented implants
  • Implant-supported prostheses
    - Individual crowns on implants
    - Bridges on implants
    - Bar prostheses on implants
    - Telescopic prostheses on implants
  • Fixed prostheses
    - Individual crowns and bridges: CAD/CAM processed zirconium dioxide ceramic crowns and bridges
    - All-ceramic veneers/laminates
    - Zirconium dioxide ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Minimally invasive, aesthetic restorations (adhesive bridges and adhesive attachments)
    - Adhesive bridges in the anterior and posterior regions
    - Adhesive prostheses – zirconia-supported
  • Combined fixed/removable prostheses
    - Parallel telescopes made from zirconia with galvanically produced external telescopes
  • Removable prostheses
    - Model cast prostheses
    - Total prostheses

Modern implantology
Implants are dental roots made from titanium. Small and large gaps are permanently rehabilitated with implant-supported crowns. Implants also help to successfully stabilize ill-fitting prostheses.

With a great deal of experience and in a university center, we offer our patients the full range of modern implantology for aesthetically pleasing solutions: diagnostic methods such as 3D X-ray (digital volume tomography = DVT); a secure computer-based treatment planning process including navigation; and gentle insertion of the implants including state-of-the-art technologies for bone augmentation.

Please direct your treatment request to the UKE International Office.

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