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Congenital heart defects

Welcome to the Children’s Heart Clinic including the Departments of Pediatric Cardiology, Congenital and Pediatric Heart Surgery and Adult Congenital Heart Disease!

Under the direction of  Prof. Dr. Michael Hübler (Congenital and Pediatric Heart Surgery), Prof. Dr. Rainer Kozlik-Feldmann (Pediatric Cardiology) and Prof. Dr. Carsten Rickers (Adult Congenital Heart Disease) the University Heart & Vascular Center Hamburg (UCH) offers a range of treatment options of the highest caliber for all congenital and acquired heart diseases. We see ourselves as specialists in a competence center where optimal care of our patients, both small and large, is of primary importance. To ensure in-depth support for your child, we work closely with neonatologists, pediatric anesthesiologists, psychologists and physiotherapists.

We work with state-of-the-art technical equipment for diagnostics and treatment. Three-dimensional real-time echocardiography, special cardio-magnetic resonance imaging programs and the world's fastest force-computed tomography allow us to develop sustainable treatment concepts for our heart patients.

The special emphasis in this field is on non-surgical treatment by means of cardiac catheters as well as surgical treatment of both simple and complex heart defects. Other focus areas are the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias as well as the care of adults with congenital heart defects (ACHD patients).

Every year, around 250 surgical and nearly 300 catheter-based procedures are performed to correct simple as well as complex heart defects. A surgical team is available around the clock, 365 days a year, for emergency interventions of all kinds. The UCH is the only institution in Hamburg offering a complete spectrum of inpatient treatment options for children and adolescents with congenital and acquired heart diseases. Our pediatric staff provides empathic, personal care for all patients in the pediatric cardiological intensive care unit.

Parents and children can always feel at ease with us. The capable and, above all, sustainable care of children with heart disease is our top priority. In order to optimize treatment for our young patients at the highest scientific level, our research is strongly networked, and we work intensively on topics such as Marfan syndrome, interventional catheter methods, non-invasive imaging and cardio-regenerative options for heart failure.

Please direct your treatment request directly to the UKE International Office.

Access is only allowed for visitors and accompanying persons properly wearing FFP2 masks and who show:
• No typical symptoms,
• No SARS-CoV-2 infection, AND
• A negative result from a current test (PCR no older than 48 hours, rapid antigen no older than 24 hours)
Please also pay attention to any further information and signage!

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