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Breast Center

Welcome to the Breast Center!

In the best interests of our patients, the Breast Center is geared to national and international standards. For several years our center has been certified according to the strict criteria of the German Cancer Society (DKG) and the German Society of Senology (DGS). As one of the best oncological centers, the Breast Center is also supported by the German Cancer Society.

In the Breast Center, specialists of different departments have long been engaging in interdisciplinary work. Unlike in many other breast centers, you will find all state-of-the-art diagnostic methods and treatment options under one roof. This combined expertise ensures that women with breast diseases receive the best possible medical care. This is further facilitated by the participation in and design of national and international treatment studies which offer our patients access to new and innovative treatment concepts.

Every year our experienced specialists carry out more than 500 surgical interventions. In 70-80% of cases the breast can be preserved. We observe both the medically necessary safety margin and the optimal cosmetic approach. If, however, complete removal of the breast is inevitable, our center offers all modern methods for breast reconstruction, especially through the use of the patient’s own tissue (autografting).

We also offer all other plastic breast surgeries such as augmentation, reduction, and lifting.

In breast cancer patients it is often sufficient to remove the sentinel lymph node. This is the first lymph node that filters the lymph fluid from around the tumor. If we find that the sentinel lymph node is free of cancer cells, the underarm lymph nodes need not be removed. If removal becomes necessary, we use nerve-saving and vessel-preserving surgical techniques.

Our dedicated and experienced team of specially trained doctors and nurses offers you the best possible care during your stay. Physiotherapy starts the day after your surgery and facilitates speedy regeneration. In addition to exercises and instructions regarding correct behavior after surgery, the Breast Center offers post-operative lymphatic drainage.

For chemotherapy and immunotherapy we strictly adhere to the highest international standards. Patients with metastatic tumors receive customized treatment by our interdisciplinary team.

Please direct your treatment request to the International Office of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

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