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Men’s health

Welcome to the Institute for Men’s Health.

The Institute for Men’s Health, headed by Professor Dr. Frank Sommer, the world’s first professor of men’s health, is the world’s only university institution for men’s health. 

At the Institute for Men’s Health we are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of male illnesses. Our interdisciplinary team follows a holistic approach addressing sports, anti-aging, and lifestyle medical issues, ensuring the highest quality standard in prevention and treatment for our patients. 

In our men’s health consultation you receive a sexual health examination, counseling, and treatment at the highest professional level and according to the latest scientific findings. In addition to drug treatment options there are a variety of surgical treatments such as penile implants or plastic surgeries of the penis (e.g., penis straightening, penis extension and penis enlargement) which we have performed successfully in the treatment of sexual dysfunction for many years.  

Erectile dysfunction can be the first sign of a serious condition such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, or hormone deficiency. Sexual dysfunctions can greatly affect our quality of life and our personal relationships. We as urologists/sexual medicine specialists are active contacts and confidants for our female and male patients – for the couple, because sexuality is always a couple‘s issue. Dr. Joanna Korda, senior physician at the institute, is the contact for our female patients and one of the leading experts in the field of sexual disorders of women. 

Another focus of our institute is the treatment of couples with fertility problems in interdisciplinary collaboration with the andrology section. Professor Sommer is one of the leading experts in male sterilization reversal surgery (refertilization) and has been performing this procedure for over 15 years. He has executed more than 1,000 refertilizations and since 2005, as the first urologist in Germany, has handled them as outpatient procedures. His success rate in restoring fertility is over 95 percent.   

Please direct your treatment request to the UKE International Office.

Access is only allowed for visitors and accompanying persons properly wearing FFP2 masks and who show:
• No typical symptoms,
• No SARS-CoV-2 infection, AND
• A negative result from a current test (PCR no older than 48 hours, rapid antigen no older than 24 hours)
Please also pay attention to any further information and signage!

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