Reconstructive Surgery

  • Plastic surgical reconstruction of various form and function in case of skin-/ soft tissue and/ or bone defects
  • Different reconstruction procedures based on regional skin plastic, free tissue-transfer, inclusive complex microsurgical transplantation procedures (free flap surgery)
  • Treatment of chronic wounds as well as plastic reconstruction of resulting defects

Frequently treated defects:

  • following the resection of skin alterations (for example: basalioma, carcinoma, spinalioma, melanoma)
  • following the resection of benign and non-benign soft tissue tumors
    (for example sarkoma, neurofibroma, lipoma)
  • pressure sore / decubital gangrene / decubital ulcer
  • scar reduction in cases of painful and / or instable scars and scar contracture, as well in cases of  degradation of scars (for example burning scars, acid burn, base burn or damages of electricity)

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